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Welcome to monologue where I welcome you to think it's that simple. I don't want you to feel a stigma. I don't want you to agree with me necessarily. I don't want you to disagree with me necessarily. The idea is to just be able to take a concept and beat it up a little bit, and then come up with your own decisions tonight. I want to talk to you a little bit about America from the inside. I want to talk to you about how I see it. I'm doing this for a few reasons. One reason is because we have listeners from all over the globe. Now I'm real excited about that. I think it's a God-inspired thing. And I do want you to understand kind of where we're at here. And the other thing is just as an observer, most of our listeners are in America today.

And so this is more of food for thought, at least from how I look at it. And again, you're free to agree or disagree with me. So the first thing I'd want you to know about America today from a local standpoint is that it's very polarized. We have a very left fried paradigm. If we look at the election results, you know, of course what I'm going to speak from, or from the far left and the far, right? But just imagine that there's people that he had every category between the left and the right with different perceptions of what's going on. The overarching problem of course, is that we have no media, no big tech, no resource that we truly believe we can all agree upon. It's very polarizing. It's very leaning. It leans toward one side or the other. There is a censorship that I can not remember this level of censorship ever taking place, taking place on big tech on their search results.

You're seeing people getting blacklisted just for stating their opinions. It doesn't matter how crazy or non-crazy those opinions are, but big tech is kicking them off just for stating their opinions. The media of course, is, you know, like rabid cheerleaders trying to push us toward one side or the other to polarize people. Now, if we take the election in that context, it's easy to see what's happening within our country. You know, from, from early indications, it looks like Joe Biden may become the president and he may not. There's a lot of questions. And because the media is so indecisive in there, they are censoring so much content and they're not even allowed people to even say what they think it's really what's stirring this whole thing up. So on one side you have the media and they're saying it was legitimate. These are the results of the people.

This is the democracy. This is how it is in that. It's crazy that president Trump would stand in the way of this election. He's standing in the way of democracy. He standing in the way of what the people want. Now, if you flip the coin on the other side, the other side's in stark opposition, they're saying, Hey, what about all these affidavits of conservatives and people who are not conservatives who are coming out and saying there was some weird stuff going on during the election, there were votes being counted after they should have been counted. There were ballots that were submitted that only had Joe Biden, Mark, but nobody else marked on the ballot. They seem to be predominantly in liberal run areas. And the amount of votes that were tallied in certain areas were fairly high.


If you flip it back over, the other group would say, well, of course it is. Trump was such a polarizing character. People came out in droves to vote against him. Now, the problem is it. We really don't know what to think. And so it's perfectly within president Trump's right. To contest anything to file lawsuits. It's perfectly within his right to do so. It's perfectly within Joe Biden's right? So that's, what's so good about this country. And to say this, someone should just step down if they don't believe that justice has been served well, that's the problem of those individuals. That's not the problem of our society, our system then, plus if you have people on the right, what you'll hear are things like where the VAT, where the votes were tallied the software that was used to calculate the votes, the people that made it the ability to hack it.

And its hackability being as easy as it is the people that are on the board of the software that was used. The questions go on and on known as the point. And some of these topics, if you try to look for them on search engines, what you would see years ago from a search engine is this agnostic, okay? I can look wherever here and see this fringe stuff. And I click wherever here and see what's mainly accepted. And then I can assess my own opinion. Well, now that no longer occurs now what you see or even if something does make it in big tech, it's often flagged with a piece of information telling you that you shouldn't believe it or don't think that which inherently makes a lot of people not trust the fact that they're telling you not to trust it. So it, it's kind of, it's a really polarizing world that we live in, in this country where frankly, people don't know what to think, getting more so it doesn't just extend the politics.

It also extends to COVID-19. Yeah. Again, if you take one group one, group's going to trust the media and the narrative. And frankly, it's scary from that perspective, look at the number of deaths and the number of infections. And they talk about hospitals being overwhelmed. And they're talking about all these severe issues and side effects. And you know, if you jump on one media, they'll talk to you about a person who was on a respirator and lost all this weight or had all these physical problems or amputations, you know, it just goes on and on the horror stories continue forever. And then if you flip it over to the other side of things some people would argue that it's over-exaggerated that it's just like a bad flu. And you have professionals who were saying it. I mean he pull people aside or he listened to certain doctors.

They don't all agree that we should be shutting everything down. And if you look at what is being shut down, it looks like the big companies with lobbying power are the ones that are allowed to keep their doors open while the weak small businesses that don't have the ability ability to leave their doors open are the ones that are being shut down, which of course increased the profit margins of the big companies. As a small companies are no longer a business are unable to compete small businesses also, which is one of my specialties by the way, look at the stimulus package that was supposed to go to small businesses. And it was inordinately difficult to get any kind of funding and how you would qualify for it, the amount you would qualify, all the factors that go into it were very, very complicated. And if you looked at it from a state level or a national level, it seemed like the cards were stacked against the small guy.

And it looked like the big guy could get everything filled out the way he wanted to get it filled out. And the sense of the small business was that the small business didn't get a lot of relief. One of the big guys did get the relief. So I think that's really sad when we sit back and we look at it because what it shows is that if that's true, it shows that our country is so manipulated by special interest and politicians lining their own pockets and other agendas that nothing can be done to help out the guy who's powerless. Who's not going to directly influence politicians through lobbying dollars or whatever other means they may have at their disposal.


This is really America. This is what America has become. We have become a nation of people this say to tell our kids not to bully others, but then they hear bullying words of even the office of the president, where he's being made fun of. And it's not in that way of the talk show host to volt that could somehow marry America, American people, regardless of this left right paradigm, regardless of what they thought they were able to somehow stitch the two groups together through their comedy today, it's something much different. It's much darker. It's much more polarizing than it has ever been before. And so if you take a guy like Alex Jones, for example, he was D platform shortly after I think it was after the 2016 election, he's a very polarizing character. There's no doubt about it. He says things that are very confrontational and either you're going to agree with him or not agree with him.

Now, the question is not as he confrontational, the question is, is should he have been blacklisted, a big tech, should he be silenced? Because you see there's a real problem. When you start to think about who you're going to silence and who you're not going to silence because the minute that you do that, you're also putting that in the hands of an arbitrator. And the arbitrator is not the American people. That's an illusion. The arbitrator is someone behind the scenes. Someone who's determining what you are smart enough to hear in what you're too dumb to hear. And so what they want to do is they're going to make those decisions on your behalf. If they're going to tell you what to think, they're going to tell you what president to like, they're going to tell you how to feel about abortion. They're going to tell you through questionable sources to tell you if something is fact or fiction, when you go in and you look at some of these websites that are supposed to validate, data's true and false. You'll find out that these websites themselves are problematic and they've been infiltrated. And so even the validation checkers are, are questionable.


When we look at all this and we see this huge mixture, it's no wonder that America is tearing apart because when people are allowed to say what they think, and it doesn't matter if you agree with it, it doesn't matter if you disagree with it. It doesn't matter if it is the dumbest thing ever said it, it just doesn't matter. When you let people say it, then you let people investigate it. But the minute you start censoring search engine results. The minute that you start silencing somebody because she can handle what they're saying. If you're the arbitrator, if you're the owner of the big tech, what you're really saying is, is the American people are too stupid to make their up their own mind. And so we're going to have to tell them what to think. And I think that perhaps is the most dangerous thing of all.

I want to hear both sides and not do all the time. I have good friends that are very left and I have good friends that are very right. I have good friends to think that you should keep your six foot distance. You should be wearing your mask everywhere you go. And then I have people who say, it's my right to not wear a mask and they're going to go down without it regardless. I have people that are pretty much any issue you could think of that they're all over the place and I'll listen to it. And I can have conversations with people. And I had a great conversation with one of my good friends and we don't align. I mean, she's very left. I'm more center, right. You know, I'm a Christian she's. She would have a very, I think more liberal version of Christianity if, if that's what she follows.

And when we sit here and we talk about certain issues, I mean, it's very polarizing, but I can say, you know, I've got a friend on the right who says this and what do you think about that? And she'll give answers and we'll talk about it. And it just, it's very good. It's a very, they're very stimulating conversations. And when I walk away from it, sometimes I felt challenged. Sometimes I feel that maybe I've given food for thought too, but either way, it's a forum for independent discussion. I always thought that when people try to silence, silence, each other, or people try to bully each other into not saying what they think. I always thought that was a sign of weakness in the argument. Like when I hear an atheist say, you should make fun of someone who says they believe in God, you should openly make fun of them.

I go, how crazy is that? Because the reason a lot of people follow the atheistic person to begin with is they kind of have in their mind to them being like Spock, you know, this person does, non-emotional this person who just looks at facts and they go, now, there is no, God, this is the way it is. But then you hear them talk about bullying people. I mean, not rationalize, not let's look at the evidence. Let's talk about it on a philosophical level. Let's look at it from an evidential perspective. What they say is let's go in and make fun of that person when we're in this country together. I guess the first thing that I would want anyone not from America to understand is that we don't agree. You know, if something were to happen to this great country and the fabric is torn, I think the worst thing that could happen from my perspective is someone looked back and, and, and think that there wasn't a rational group.

There wasn't a group that goes, wow. We, we see, we see something bad coming. We see something that we don't want to happen, but we don't see a way to avoid the train wreck. And that's kind of what I think we see here. So, so what do we do with this? In my opinion, the floodgates of information and ideas need to be open, not shut. We're all smart enough in general, as a culture to hear competing ideas, and we can separate the wheat from the chaff. We don't need a gatekeeper telling us what to think. We don't need to be persuaded into believing who are the good guys and who were the bad guys. We're smart enough to figure these things out. The problem is that when we go back and we look at marketing and we look at the things that were learned about the human mind is that we learned the propaganda is a very, very powerful tool and that people can easily be persuaded one way or another people can be persuaded by fear.

I mean, if you look at marketing, I mean, one of the big driving factors of marketing is fear. You know, fear. You're going to miss out on something, fear. You're going to look stupid, fear of something. That's a big driving factor to get people, to buy stuff, emotions. Another huge one. Why do you think when you go look at that brand new car and they say, well, if you leave today, we're lucky to have this offer for you next week. Why do you think they do these things? They do them because they know that they're going to get you on emotion. And when you get back home, you're going to start using your intellect. And you're going to start thinking about the payment and less about how cool it felt and what that car smelled like when he was driving it. So these are tried and true techniques.

We've learned a lot in the last hundred, in 150 years or so about humans. What drives humans? What makes humans tick and think I am at a point where I think that America's soul is in danger. America's soul for freedom, America's soul for free thought. America's soul for the person to come into America and start their own business and build their way up and be able to become whatever they want to become in their life through proper work ethic and honesty. I don't think this began with president Trump. I think that this is a revolt against truth against freedom of information against and agnostic way to present information to people. I think it's a revolt against the American people to be able to make their own decisions. And I think Americans need to stand up and we need to say, we're adults. We can think for ourselves, we don't need you to her, our content.

Now here's the hard part in order to do that, you're going to have to quit using the censorship mechanisms that are out there. Your vote for freedom is not what you listened to, but it's what you don't listen to. It's not what you do. It's what you don't do. This is where your vote is in this culture. You have to bankrupt the bad guys and you have to put your money in with the good guys. I mean, if we look at something completely off subject, why do you think that these robo dial phone calls work? Why do you think you get to talk to the automated attendant when you call it's because you still use the people that use automated attendance month after month after month, they're not using automated attendance because they care about their employees. They're not using automated attendance because they care about you.

They're using it because it's cheap. They're using it because it's a dumb piece of technology that isn't fully thought out and it's taking away people's jobs, but more and more people are using it because it's cheaper and we're accepting it. It's the exact same thing. When it comes to big tech, it's the exact same thing. When it comes to your favorite media, we've got to get out of this tribalism. We've got to get out of this mindset to where we're going to congregate and be dumbed down solely because the person that's talking to us is saying things that we want to hear based upon how we've been conditioned in how we see the world. We need to understand that our perception of reality is based on five senses and external influences and a whole lot of manipulation, more than likely. We need to deprogram ourselves.

We need to start thinking for ourselves. We need to start realizing that we are wonderful spiritual beings made by a God that loves us. And we're in a fallen world. And there are entities. There are things going on in this world today that want to deprive you of that ability and that right, to realize your full potential and to make this realm that we live in all that it can be for the time that it can be. So Neo, I guess we're left with the old question from the old movie, are you going to take the red pill or the blue pill? Because there are people more than willing to put you to sleep, to make you think to people that don't think like you and act like you are your enemy and that only people that think like you and act like you were your friends. They're more than willing to allow you to sleep. Or you can take that other pill. You can wake up and be a part of this dangerous world that we live in, where ideas run rapid. And we have to use our free thought to come up with our own

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